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Sure Ways to Relax after a Dog Sled Race

Either attending or participating in a dog sled racing event, you are sure to feel beat afterwards. As a spectator, you get to enjoy all the thrilling fun you want. As a participant, you are sure to get your energy drained as well as your dogs of course. You must take enough time to rest […]

The Evolution of Dog Sledding

Dog sledding can be traced back to at least 2000 BC. It started as a form of transportation for some people in Siberia or North America. Back then, the dogs pulled loads instead of people. So, you can say, it’s merely a form of cargo transportation. As time passed by, dog sledding turned into an […]

3 Important Reminders when Dog Sledding

Dog sledding or dog sled racing is an exciting activity or sport to do. However, just like most sports, there are the possibilities of participants, in these cases the mushers and the dogs getting injured or even worst, dying. That is why it is important to always prepare and know how everything works right before […]

Top Dogs for Dog Sled Racing

When people talk about dog sled racing, they are mostly talking about snow-loving dogs. The best breeds for dog sled racing can cope with the harsh cold environment and are able to thrive off of it. That is why it is important that if you were to enter this sport, then you should be teamed […]