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The Best Dog Sled Racing Competitions in Canada

Featured image The Best Dog Sled Racing Competitions in Canada - The Best Dog Sled Racing Competitions in Canada

Canada is a haven for dog sled racing. The country homes some of the best dog sled racing in the entire world. Some are no longer active but have provided hundreds of people the best sled deg racing experience of their lives.

So, if you are looking for the top dog sled racing competitions in all of Canada, here they are.

Cannington Dog Sled Races and Winter Festival

The Best Dog Sled Racing Competitions in Canada

This competition that occurs every year in the Cannington, Ontario is one of the most anticipated events in the entire province. Some of the best racers gather and race it out. The event also offers other features mainly for food, entertainment, animal interaction and education.

Unfortunately, this event is no longer active due to many reasons. On their Facebook page, the organization announced the official closing of the event.

The reasons behind this are the growing need for manpower which the organization can no longer supply despite many volunteers. The major factor has something to do with the weather.

However, there are already efforts to reviving the event and we are working alongside the community to do just that. One solution we see is combining with other event organizations in Ontario or nearby provinces.

Canadian Challenge

The Best Dog Sled Racing Competitions in Canada

This dog sled racing event is recognized worldwide. The event takes place every year in February at the Eld Ridge Resort in Saskatchewan. Mushers from all over the globe take on this race of over 600km from the resort to Anglin Lake.

The trail is open to 12 Dog teams, 8 Dog teams and then Open Race teams. The entire race is monitored with state-of-the-art technology and the organization has taken extra steps to establish a medical service team ready for any emergencies.

This international competition is headed by the Gateway North Sled Dog Race Association founded back in 1994. The competition is managed and overseen entirely by volunteers.

Every year, people travel miles just to witness this race.

So, make sure to check this one out and witness what makes dog sled racing one of the best things in this world. See how cute dogs seem sweet at first and when the race begins, they transform into racing machines.