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The Evolution of Dog Sledding

Featured image The Evolution of Dog Sledding - The Evolution of Dog Sledding

Dog sledding can be traced back to at least 2000 BC. It started as a form of transportation for some people in Siberia or North America. Back then, the dogs pulled loads instead of people.

So, you can say, it’s merely a form of cargo transportation.

As time passed by, dog sledding turned into an essential form of transportation for areas with heavy snow and extremely cold temperature. Dogs with their thick fur and padded paws enable them to thrive and survive in the snow.

Not all dog breeds, however, are capable of adapting to extreme cold. There are only a selected few.

Nothing much changed with how dog sledding is done. However, these days, dog sledding is more than just a mode of transportation.

Dog Sledding as an Activity

The Evolution of Dog Sledding

These days, skate parks in areas with heavy snow offer dog sledding activities to people. They take care of the dogs and have a trail-ready for you to experience dog sledding. It is really hard to dog sled for beginners.

There are certain factors you need to know and be able to practice.

In the arctic, dog sledding is more than just an activity but a way of life. To travel from one place to another and with limited transport vehicles, they rely on their furry friends.

Dog Sledding as a Sport

The Evolution of Dog Sledding

Dog sled racing is now also a sport millions of people worldwide practice. This human/animal sport even made its way to the Olympics. There are also annual dog sled racing competitions all over the globe.

For example, the Cannington Dog Sled Race and Winter Festival in Cannington, Ontario. However, this particular event is no longer active due to several reasons. But there is the Canadian Challenge International Sled Dog Race.

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The Evolution of Dog Sledding

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