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3 Important Reminders when Dog Sledding

Featured image 3 Important Reminders when Dog Sledding - 3 Important Reminders when Dog Sledding

Dog sledding or dog sled racing is an exciting activity or sport to do. However, just like most sports, there are the possibilities of participants, in these cases the mushers and the dogs getting injured or even worst, dying.

That is why it is important to always prepare and know how everything works right before you yell out the go signal to your dogs. So, to help you figure everything out, here are three reminders to avoid the risk of accidents and emergencies when dog sledding.

Energize the Dogs

3 Important Reminders when Dog Sledding

It does not matter if you are travelling a short or long distance. Your dogs need to be fully prepared physically and mentally for every trip. Your safety depends on your dogs and their safety depends on your preparation methods.

Make sure to keep them well fed before, during and after a trip. Make sure they are also hydrated. It is important to take short breaks in the middle of long-haul trips. Check on your dogs thoroughly and make sure they are doing just fine.

Avoid forcing your dogs if they are showing any signs that they are not strong enough to go for a run. You are putting their lives and your life in danger if you do that.

Put on enough Layers

3 Important Reminders when Dog Sledding

You are travelling amid a harsh cold environment, so you need to protect yourself as much as possible from the cold. Make sure to put on layers on your dogs as well. Just because they have thick fur does not mean they are no longer affected by the cold weather.

Wearing the right clothes and gear will help you cope with the environment. Never put yourself at risk by going dog sledding with extreme cold by not being fully geared.

Here in Canada, most mushers and their dogs are more tolerant when it comes to extreme cold. That is why it is a big adjustment for them to sled when the temperature is more tolerable. You can consider this as cold comfort.

Know the lingo

3 Important Reminders when Dog Sledding

Believe it or not, dog sledding has its own lingo. This pertains to the words or phrases mushers utter or shout to give orders to the dogs. The dogs then understand what the mushers mean, and they follow. If you want the dogs to accelerate you don’t say, “go” you say “Hike” or “Hike up.” There is more to learn by the way so get to it. If you also need help learning about the best sled dogs for the job, we’ve got you covered.