Upcoming Events

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2019 was an amazing year for all of us here at Cannington Dog Sled Races. 2020 is about to be better and bigger. We’ve got a lot of upcoming events planned in the coming months. This time, we are not just talking about closed indoor events.

We are talking about exciting events and competitions. By that, you probably have an idea of what is in store for this year. To help you put everything into perspective, check this out.

Man, and Best friend Banquet

Upcoming Events

As a thank you to all of our readers and especially to the Cannington community, we will be hosting a banquet after valentine’s day. It will be a night of good food, fine wine and most important of all, great company with all of you.

There will be food for both humans and dogs so no need to worry about going hungry. There will be a man-made playground for dogs. There will also be a couple of performances to be carried out by some of our employees and many of our supporters.

Most important of all, we will take the time to show our appreciation to all the people who showed their support towards this company. It is going to be a secret, that way, you’ll have something to look forward to.

Cannington Dog Sled Xtreme

Upcoming Events

It’s something we have been waiting for ever since we started. It will be a big dog sled racing competition right here in Cannington. We are 80% ready and we’ve got a lot of partners for this big event. The event will take place in December 2020 with winter season prevailing.

We have already received several interested participants all over Ontario. It will be an entire week of dog sled racing and more.

We are also inviting several internationally renowned personalities in the world of sled dog racing. We are talking about Forrundy and SledDogSport. We are still in the middle of finalizing the final line up for the entire competition and there are still slots to be filled up. So, if you are interested in entering, make sure to bring your a-game and your dog of course.